I’m E.M. Welsh, a writer interested in learning how to give a story what it deserves and hoping to teach others to do the same. I have dabbled in every form of creative writing so far that I know and have found that while I give preference to some mediums, there is a place in my heart for each form and what it can do for storytelling. It is this belief in finding the best model for the story at hand that makes me different.

For a long time I was quite the snob about books, turning my nose up at other forms of storytelling that I deemed inferior. However, as a child I loved Harry Potter and nothing could keep me away from the movies and video games that brought that world to life. Though it was nearly fifteen years before I learned to accept these mediums as an art of their own capable of doing things no book ever could, I cannot ignore the influence of the Harry Potter franchise and how it shaped my acceptance as to what it means to tell a good story.

However, many people can. After several years in university I found so many classmates limiting themselves to one way of writing like I once had, be it prose, screenwriting, or playwriting, and set out to experience every medium as best I could. Many were not so pretentious as I and seemed to believe instead that they “lacked the talent” to explore other mediums or were afraid to leave their comfort zones, both of which were ridiculous. It was this attitude that fortified my belief that there were things in poetry or playwriting that no novel could teach me about how to write a decent book.

Since then I have written several screenplays, various short plays, short stories, several drafts of a novel, some short poems I am rightfully ashamed of, and a sample of a video game script, all of which can be kept up with in my portfolio. Additionally, I have further devoted myself to sharing the benefits of my experience as a multi-medium storyteller with the hopes of growing a community of people who think in the best interests of the story, and not themselves.

When I’m not confining myself to the hermit’s life as a writer, you can find me reading with a cup of coffee or watching some obscure film I should have seen a long time ago, though I do occasionally get out to play some tennis, another hobby I have devoted my life to. Other interests of mine include denim, Korean beauty routines, linguistics, and travel, all of which I would love to chat with you about in addition to the craft of storytelling!

Profile photo credit: Alison Wiebe