Racing Towards RejectionRacing Towards Rejection is a 50-page in-depth workbook that guides users through the process of learning to see rejection as a positive thing. In it they will learn how to tackle a tough rejection, working through five different phases of the Racing Towards Rejection process – rethinking, rebuilding, redirecting, reviewing and rewarding.

  • Rethinking involves stripping away the idea of failure and seeing rejection instead as a step in the writing process.
  • Rebuilding focuses on building oneself back up after a tough rejection with different systems of support.
  • Redirecting, the core piece of Racing Towards Rejection guides storytellers through the process of taking their rejected story and sending it out to the world again.
  • Reviewing directs storytellers to be mindful about their rejection and to reflect on the process after redirecting.
  • Finally, rewarding takes the idea of rejection and turns it into a goal to be achieved and bragged about.

This workbook is for you if you’ve been rejected recently and can’t seem to get over the rejection. It’s for those who have been rejected a long time ago and let that rejection keep them from sharing their stories. It’s even for those who haven’t faced rejection yet because they are too afraid to send their work out to the world at all, or in the midst of the process and feeling uneasy.

So what are you waiting for? Join the #RacingTowardsRejection community and watch your perspective change!