If you’re here, you’re likely someone who has called themselves a “writer” or an “aspiring author” or maybe even a “screenwriter.” Maybe you’ve dabbled in playwriting or watched a good movie and wished you could write something like that, but the new mediums always seemed intangible. “I’m a novelist,” you’d tell yourself. “I don’t know how to write a screenplay.” Then you’d go back home, sticking to what you know when maybe your story idea is made for the screen, not for a novel.

But no matter what name you’ve given yourself, you as a writer are a storyteller. Maybe you’re whole life you’ve decided you are good at one type of writing and ignored other forms as a result. Yet what you haven’t realized yet is that no matter what medium you like to write in – be it novels or screenplays or video games – you are practicing the universal skill of storytelling, a skill that can transcend all mediums.

What does it mean to be a storyteller?

A storyteller is someone who thinks about what is best for the story first and not what makes them comfortable. When they have an idea, they consider the strengths of various mediums and find the one that best suits their idea so that they can give their story the justice it deserves. A true storyteller cares so much about telling their story the best way possible that they will sacrifice and eliminate any sense of self that might get in the way, including the self that tells them “you don’t know how to do _____” or “you’re just not good at ______.” A storyteller knows that since they have practiced storytelling all their life, all they need to tell a great story in a medium they are uncomfortable is learn about its strengths and weakness.

Which is where I come in.

Learn a New Medium

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Hi! I’m E.M. Welsh

But you can call me Emma. I’m here to do one thing for you and that’s to teach you about all the different ways you can tell stories! So often in college I heard my writer friends talk about how they couldn’t do certain types of writing. I was always so confused. In my own time in university I took every type of writing class I could. While at first I was nervous being a “newbie” in a new medium, I quickly found that the skills for me to tell a story were already there. All I needed to do was practice them!

Yet what surprised me even more? How different and unique my approach was to mediums I was less familiar with, like playwriting and video game writing, all because I wasn’t an expert and was bringing my experience from my other creative writing classes. 

After discovering the advantage trying out new mediums gave my own storytelling, I decided to create this blog to help other people have the same revelations so that they too can start seeing themselves as more than just writers, but as storytellers

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