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5 Reasons Novelists Need to Write a Screenplay

5 Reasons Why Novelists Need to Write a Screenplay

The idea of writing a screenplay can seem incredibly scary to a prose writer. Maybe it’s the format or the formula that keeps you away, or maybe it’s the fact that you’re worried you’ll lose your style or ability to explore inner monologues the same way on screen as you do in your novel. While these fears are totally justified, as someone who writes both screenplays and novels, I can say that it’s not so much that you lose your style or voice as a writer when you write screenplays, you just have to think about them differently. That’s why

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How to Write Your First Short Film copy

How to Write Your First Short Film

As a writer, it takes a lot of courage to try something new. Not only are you facing another blank age, but you also have to deal with doing something you aren’t sure will turn out right. This means that mustering up the motivation to actually write in a new

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How to Assess Your Story’s Strengths (#StorytellingShift Series)

Hi, there! Welcome back to the #StorytellingShift series where I walk fellow writers through the process of learning how to become storytellers. If you’re not sure what going from a writer to a storyteller means, hop on over to my first post in the series where I introduce the key to unlocking endless

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